About us 

“Tom and Jerry”, as they are known to friends and clients, are two people who have a true passion for selling and for developing outstanding sales professionals.

Neither of them studied hard at school or university with the express desire of becoming sales professionals. They didn’t dream of their perfect company car or the cut and thrust of the sales meetings with clients. They are both accidental salesmen who found themselves in sales-related roles as much through a quirky set of circumstances as from a conscious choice. But over the years, they have both found sales to be rewarding, challenging, frustrating but, mainly, satisfying and compelling.

Success In Sales
Sales is their passion.  With over 20 years’ experience of leading sales teams between them before starting their training and consultancy careers, Tom and Jerry are recognised as experts in the field of sales and selling and they have inspired thousands of people through their keynotes and speaking at sales conferences in Europe, Hong Kong and America to achieve success in sales.

They have put the essence of their extensive knowledge and experience into the Amazon best-selling sales book “Brilliant Selling” and through this they have taken their message to thousands of salespeople at the ‘coal face’ of selling – that selling is simple if you know how, and that anyone can learn to be a brilliant salesperson.  The book is fast becoming a ‘sales handbook’ for sales teams in organisations such as Burberry, Sodexo and Linklaters LLP for its honest, insightful and practical approach to the ‘how tos’ of selling.

Since 2000 they have advised many large international corporates around the world through their busy consultancy practice.  They have inspired hundreds of people helping them to improve the performance of their sales teams and taken their message to thousands of salespeople the tools and techniques they can use to transform their personal sales performance to gain success in sales.

How to Influence People
A hot topic with their clients is how to influence people in sales and selling.  This is an area that has fascinated Tom and Jerry for many years.  The role that influence plays during the sales process is a complex area and after many years of working in this field they have developed their highly popular C3 Influence Model which distills the elements needed to influence. We are in a new sales environment with savvy and more demanding buyers and, and learning how to influence people is now key in order to gain success in sales.


Jerry is TEFL qualified, a certified coach and an NLP trainer, a published author and public speaker.

After university, Jerry started his working life as a teacher at Kelly College in Tavist0ck teaching English and History and also acting as Head of Drama.  He moved into sales in 1990 when he joined L’Oreal and he soon worked his way up to Sales Manager and then National Training Manager.  In 1996 he moved to Pepsi, and prior to leaving in 1998 he was National Sales Training Manager, Walkers. After a short time as a management consultant, Jerry founded RTP – Release the Potential, a performance improvement consultancy, in 1999.  Outside work Jerry plays and watches a lot of sport, collects second-hand books and loves spending time with his partner and three children.

Contact Jerry at jeremy@brilliant-selling.com or call him on +44 (0)7788 757309.

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Tom holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching and Development from the University of Portsmouth, is a Master Practitioner of NLP, a published author and public speaker.

Tom started working in sales for ECS Energy Conservations Systems and held various sales positions in a variety of companies between 1983-1989 including Headway Technology Group Ltd and CMS Content Management Systems.  In 1990 he founded EDS Electronic Document Systems, a systems integrator for document image processing systems combining desktop publishing software from the US and hardware to provide complete desktop publishing systems. After building the business he sold it to the US software partner, Optika Imaging Systems Inc.  In 1993 he became Vice President of European Operations for Optika Inc and 5 years later he became Country Manager for iManage Inc.  Tom remained here until becoming a Director of RTP – Release the Potential, a performance improvement consultancy.  Outside of his work, Tom has a passion for food, music and spending time with his wife and two children.

Contact Tom at tom@brilliant-selling.com or call him on +44 (0)1428 681333.

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