Brilliant Selling: The Book 

Tom and Jerry are delighted that the new updated edition of their sales book Brilliant Selling was launched in June 2012. They are even more delighted that Brilliant Selling is not only the top UK sales book but is now Europe’s best selling sales book too with 30,000 copies sold worldwide. It is currently translated into 7 languages and is due to launch in the US.  They are continuing to work hard to spreading their message for success in sales – that selling is simple if you know how, and that anyone can learn to be a brilliant salesperson.

When they started updating the first edition Tom and Jerry came to the conclusion that the content was just as relevant and practical today as it was in 2009.  But a lot has happened in the world since 2009 and unsurprisingly the sales landscape has shifted in that time too.  The modern buyer is incredibly well informed and far more price sensitive in today’s economy, and is looking for added value at all stages of the sales cycle.  Salespeople need to build stronger client relationships, give insight and sell on value not price, and think about their personal branding as a key way to differentiate themselves as a key person of influence in their industry.

The good news is that Tom and Jerry think many of these changes are for the good and provide an outstanding opportunity for outstanding people to achieve success in sales. Salespeople need to pay attention to the fundamentals like never before in order to keep ahead of the game, which is really what Brilliant Selling is all about.

In the new edition Tom and Jerry have included their highly successful C3 Model of Influencing™ as their foundation to success in sales in today’s new economy.  They use this model regularly in their advisory and consultancy work and it certainly resonates with sales teams, giving the tangible steps to take to master the art of influence. There is also some new information on body language, and they have offered some insights into meetings and remote sales teams.

Brilliant Selling – how to be a salesperson

Brilliant Selling will show you how to be a salesperson and how to instantly improve your sales performance.  As well as learning all the key skills you will find out how to use your personality to perfect your technique and understand customer’s needs so that you are always one step ahead.

Based on Tom and Jerry’s original in-depth research into the habits of over 200 highly successful UK-based sales people, it is full of practical tips and advice on how to be a salesperson from sales professionals who know what works and what doesn’t.  You will discover trade secrets that will guarantee you success in sales, and it covers, amongst other things:

  • how to plan, persuade, negotiate and collaborate successfully
  • how to truly understand what your customer wants and how to put this into practice
  • how to build credibility (through knowledge, personal impact, preparation, managing meetings)
  • how to establish rapport (match, pace and lead body language, voice and words)
  • why to give before getting – to establish strong and long-lasting customer relationships
  • The C3 Model of Influence for success in sales

Book purchasers also receive additional FREE resources to help to continue their own personal sales development.

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