Field Assessment Coaching 

We are delighted to be able to offer Field Assessment Coaching now that we have our new team member, Adrian Burt, on board.

Adrian has extensive experience of carrying this process out with team members in a range of businesses in the B2B arena, and was himself the subject of it when he started his career in Pharmaceutical sales, where he went on to consistently rank at the top of the sales league tables.

Adrian has a background in business development and sales and marketing, and has worked at SVP and MD level inspiring, coaching and managing teams around the world, with customers ranging from the largest telecommunications companies to investment banks. He also has experience in start ups.

We believe objective field assessment is critical to gain insight into how sales teams or individual team members are actually performing, and to understand what impact they are having on customers.  Even if your sales numbers are good (and there is always room for improvement!), there could be a reason why opportunities are lost that could be addressed if your team members had more insight into how effective they are during the sales process, both in the areas of sales techniques and their ability to influence, and if you had more objective insight into what is actually happening in the field and how the customer relationship is being managed.

Field Assessment Coaching allows you to invest in developing each member of your team by having them assessed objectively to examine their current capability and to identify strengths and development areas for in-the-field selling. Starting with a pre-assessment discussion with the Sales Manager to clarify current sales issues and the objectives for the assessment day, the details of this bespoke assessment will be agreed and the day of observation can be based around:

  • Team Development: assessment of your team to understand skill and behavioural gaps across the team and to identify development needs that will have an immediately impact on sales performance
  • Individual Development: to identify individual development needs and to create a coaching plan for sales success
  • Career Plan: assessment to identify individual sales and leadership talent and develop a succession plan for the team
  • Performance Intervention: to identify the underlying cause of under-performance and the remedy

The assessment day will comprise observation based around the issues raised in the pre-assessment, discussion, and real time feedback and coaching on the day for the salesperson.  A detailed post-assessment Report will then be prepared to identify strengths and weaknesses, skills and behaviour gaps, coaching requirements and a proposed development plan.

If you would like to find out more about how Adrian can help your sales team, please email with details of your enquiry.