Book Tom and Jerry to Speak at your Sales Training Conference
There are a lot of motivational speakers out there who speak about selling, sales and sales training, so what is different about Tom and Jerry?  All of the best speakers are passionate about their topic, they are all experienced and used to holding the attention of large audiences, so what makes Tom and Jerry special?

They are both passionate about selling, sales training and developing outstanding salespeople.  By presenting together they create a unique dymamic that keeps the pace and energy high, creates humour and ensures they drive their message home.  As NLP trainers they use a range of techniques to create impact and understanding.  They honestly believe and know that selling is simple – if you know how – and that anyone can learn to be a brilliant salesperson.

So what do you get if Tom and Jerry speak at your sales training conference?  Their passion will inspire their audience to believe that they can do anything.  With over 20 years of highly successful sales careers between them, Tom and Jerry are able to tell ‘war stories’, share anecdotes and ‘cut to the chase’ to make a connection with their audience.  They focus on removing the interferences that stop people from reaching their true sales potential.  They will give each member of their audience not only the simple tools, techniques and ideas that will enable them to become outstanding, but also the confidence, motivation and inspiration to move on to the next level in selling.

Recent conference presentations include: ISMM, Italian National Sales Conference, Sodexo, Burberry, Linklaters, SJ Berwin, a Polish National Sales Conference.

But don’t just take our word for it.  If you need an idea for your sales conference then email 4 key words to Jeremy@brilliant-selling.com or Tom@brilliant-selling.com, and they will be delighted to create an innovative session plan for you that will address your issues and achieve your objectives.

To find out more about our motivational speaking, or to book Tom and Jerry, please email sue@brilliant-selling.com to request a speaker pack:

“Brilliant Selling” – what the best sales people know, do and say

Format: Keynote, Open Seminar, Inhouse Seminar, Webinar

Foundations of Influence – The C3 Model

Format: Keynote, Open Seminar, Inhouse Seminar,Webinar

The Trusted Advisor – How to move from salesperson to trusted advisor

Format: Keynote, Open Seminar, Inhouse Seminar, Webinar

Some feedback from our audiences:

Interesting Talks Meet Up Group – June 2015:

  • “Your talk was the highest rated we have had! It was a perfect score of 10 x 5 star reviews!” – Matt Kendall, Meetup Organiser
  • “A wonderful wonderful talk! Tom and Jerry are excellent speakers, who are clearly passionate about and know their stuff very well, and they presented in a very graspable and fun manner. I started reading their book on the way home, and it 4 stops for me to realize that I had taken the tube in the wrong direction. Oops! But it’s proof that the subject matter was incredibly engaging. Thank you Tom and Jerry for a greatly informative talk!!
  • “Very informative and hugely beneficial from a personal perspective.”
  • “Highly interesting and have picked up a few useful tips which will be very easy to remember. Easy to apply to both work and personal situations”.

Global Retailer, New York, June 2015:

“Thank you for an amazing workshop on Tuesday, we are hearing rave reviews”

Sales Congress Poland Nov 2014 – Magdalena Pielak, Project Manager:

“The participants ranked the speech as “inspiring”, “full of ideas”, “motivating”, “giving food for thought”, “interesting” and “very essential and valuable””