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May 2, 2016

Sales Tip: Using Powerful Body Language

Everyone knows something about body language and how it impacts the way that people perceive us.

We all know a firm handshake is good, eye contact relays confidence and smiling makes us more likeable.

But did you know your body language has a scientifically proven impact on your own body and your emotions?

Sales Tip - use the Wonder Woman power pose for confidenceBy adopting certain postures for only 2 minutes, such as the wonder woman pose here, you can make yourself feel more powerful and confident… a very useful tip when you are preparing for a high pressure situation such as a difficult meeting or an important sales pitch.

By Changing your Body Chemistry ….
Amy Cuddy, a Harvard Business School Professor and social psychologist, is known for her interest in emotions, power, nonverbal behaviour, and the effects of social stimuli on hormone levels.

During her research into social stimuli and hormones Amy proved that certain body postures that she calls ‘Power Poses’ can immediately change your body chemistry, which in turn changes your emotional state.

…You Change your Emotional State
Research into successful and powerful leaders has shown that as welLean forward in a meeting to project powerl as sharing similar mindsets they also have similar hormone levels.

They tend to have higher testosterone levels which are associated with power and dominance, and lower cortisol levels which indicate decreased anxiety and a better ability to deal with stress.

Levels of both of these hormones can change rapidly depending on the social, physical and environmental cues around you. If you are in a situation that makes you feel anxious or less then confident (ie. a difficult meeting or an important pitch), you can counter that by changing your body posture.  This will in turn change your testosterone and cortisol levels which will change your emotional state.

Power Posing
To increase your testosterone and reduce your cortisol Amy suggests 2 minutes in a high Power Pose.

This involves opening up your body, stretching and expanding it as much as possible. Basically you are making yourself appear bigger – think Mick Jagger strutting on stage!

Power poses help you to feel confidentIf you need to feel more confident we suggest adopting a high power pose for 2 minutes (ideally before your meeting and not whilst in it!) to help your body to create the right balance of testosterone and cortisol to help you to feel more powerful and relaxed.

If you continue to use power body language in your meeting or pitch (see the  picture at the end of this post for examples) you will positively impact how others perceive you too.

It is also useful to be aware of your posture so that you avoid ‘low power’ poses, where you are hunched or making yourself smaller (look down at your notes or slouching in your chair).

Power poses help to decrease anxietyWe drew on Amy’s research in the development of our C3 Model of Influencing, and we use her Power Posing ideas as one of the ways to boost your confidence when in a high stakes situation.

Below are some examples of high power poses with the associated low power pose underneath to avoid.

Amy’s TED talk on how your body language shapes who you are is one of the most popular talks of all time is and definitely worth the 20 minutes to watch if you haven’t seen it

Amy Cuddy's Power Poses

Jun 1, 2015

High Stakes Influencing

Webinar - pic of boys with James - 06 May 2015

We were very excited to hold our first webinar Masterclass recently on High Stakes Influencing.

It was hosted by James Lavers, internet entrepreneur and former producer to Tony Robbins, renowned US motivational speaker.  We talked to James about our business journey and how we have used ‘high stakes’ influencing to build our two businesses to generate six-figure incomes.

By ‘high stakes’ we mean those situations where the outcome is really important to your business – usually around sales or business development activities.

During the Masterclass we talked in detail about selling, pitching, presenting and negotiating.  We explained how we used C-cubed Influence in these ‘high stakes’ influencing situations to make a real step change in our businesses and cross a threshold to get more higher-paying clients.

We are passionate about sharing what we teach our corporate clients with small businesses and entrepreneurs, as we know the massive impact C-cubed Influence can have.  That is why our corporate clients pay over £6k a day to have both of us work with them.  They know that the benefits of having highly effective influencers in their teams are well worth the investment, and they know that they will reap the rewards many times over.

During the Masterclass we shared some of the C-cubed Influence techniques we use and in case you missed it here it is again for a limited time only:

Click here to watch our Masterclass on High Stakes Influencing.


Dec 12, 2014

Special Offer – Last Chance

Our offer on Amazon ends at midnight on Thursday 18th December. The C3 Model of InfluencingTM Field Guide is THE blueprint for how to influence in ANY situation.

Here is what people have been saying on Amazon:

“A refreshing and powerful way of examining and developing influence”

“An amazing piece of work”

“I have gained a lot of personal insight from reading this”.

We cannot NOT influence.  It is part of what we all do every day both at work and in our personal lives.  Sometimes we actively try to influence a situation and sometimes we do it subconsciously through our body language and signals.  But whatever we do, if we are a powerful influencer we WILL be more successful in getting the result we want.

If you are a sales professional or an entrepreneur,  a corporate manager or you work in a professional service firm, this book will teach you the secrets of C-cubed Influence, a tried and tested influencing model that we teach around the world.  It focuses on skills in the areas of confidence, credibility and connection – the foundations of effective influencing.

If you want to raise your game in 2015 then buy The C3 Model of InfluencingTH Field Guide and learn C-Cubed Influence.  The offer ends at midnight on Thursday 18th December.


Dec 5, 2014

How to Influence – SPECIAL OFFER


the C3 model 1000 - proof of front cover - half sizeSPECIAL OFFER – SPECIAL OFFER

Starting midnight today, Thursday 11th December, The C3 Model of InfluencingTM Field Guide will be on 7-day SPECIAL OFFER on Amazon.  The Field Guide teaches you the secrets of C-cubed Influence, based on our behaviour, the way we think and how we communicate – which means it becomes a natural part of who you are.  This is THE blueprint for how to influence in any situation.

What can becoming a world class influencer do for you?
Being highly skilled at influencing will impact both your business and personal life.  It will give you more success in getting the outcome you want when meeting a potential client, networking, leading a meeting, making an important presentation, motivating a team or having difficult conversations.  C-cubed Influence is based on principles of truth in the core areas of confidence, credibility and connection.

Here are two truths that we quote a lot:

Few people like being sold to but most people are open to influence.  We can all think of a time when we were buying something, perhaps a TV or white goods for the kitchen, and the salesperson came on too strong.  They didn’t take any time to find out what exactly we were looking for or whether the product suited our needs but just went straight into a sales pitch.  This makes us feel as if we are being sold to and we can become minded NOT to buy.  In fact if you ask a room full of people who likes being sold to less than 5% will put their hand up.  So being able to influence is a crucial skill in selling

The second truth is that it is easier to behave your way into new thinking than to think your way into new behaviour.  By behaving in the way we want to BE that behaviour then starts to become a natural part of what we do and how we feel.  For instance if we are not feeling confident in a situation we can use surface tactics in our behaviour, such as body language and voice tone, so that we appear to be confident, and the more we do this the more we find that we actually do feel and become more confident.

If you would like to find out more about how C-Cubed Influence can give you success in 2015 then buy The C3 Model of InfluencingTH Field Guide and learn C-Cubed Influence.  Its on offer from midnight on Thursday 11th December until midnight on Thursday 18th December.