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Tom and Jerry have been offering advisory and consultancy services to a range of organisations in a variety of industries since 2000.  Their focus is on all elements of influencing and personal sales effectiveness to deliver real and measurable improvements.

The sales landscape has shifted hugely since their definititive sales handbook “Brilliant Selling” was first published in 2009, and whilst it is more important than ever to be good at the basic fundamentals of selling – the skills that you use in your everyday sales life – that is now no longer enough to achieve sales success.  It’s tough out there for salespeople in today’s new economy.

  • The modern buy has become even more sophisticated, intolerant and price-sensitive
  • The salesperson’s personal brand is becoming even more important as a differentiator
  • The importance of adding value and offering insight has become heightened
  • Cold calling is getting close to dinosaur territory
  • The old fashioned notions of closing are no longer possible in many sales situations

Does this all sound familiar?  Salespeople need to step up to this change and move to another level and start doing things differently in order to achieve more sales success.  But Tom and Jerry know that changing attitudes and ingrained sales habits through sales training is tough.  Self-awareness is the first step towards improved results, and their tailor-made programmes focus on raising participants’ awareness and challenging them to use the new tools and techniques that they provide. Substantial improvements in sales performance are possible through relatively small changes in behaviour – they help identify the changes required and challenge the participants to take full responsibility for implementing a targeted action plan for success.

With over 40 years’ experience between them working in sales and delivering sales training, Tom and Jerry know that to be truly effective and deliver real behavior change sales training has to have three main components in place:

  • The processes and activities that sales people follow.
  • Their specific skills and knowledge.
  • Their beliefs, assumptions and motivations.

In all of their sales advisory and consultancy work they focus on these 3 areas, and they specialise in how to influence both before and during the sales process.

Tom and Jerry have delivered sales training and coaching programmes both nationally and in the Middle East, US and Europe; below is a selection of companies they have partnered with. All of their programmes are tailored to meet the individual needs of their clients and their sales people, across a wide range of industries.

In the new economy salespeople need to master the art of influence in order to become a trusted advisor to their customers and potential customers – don’t leave it to chance

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